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Mattie and Jason chose the Saturday of the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit as their wedding day. They love watching the parade of 40,000 classic cars and hot rods cruise Woodward. One week before their wedding, at a two-family meet-and-greet, their grandfathers recognize each other from a Woodward drag race over a girl in 1965 that was interrupted. They swore to God that someday they would finish the race.

Their anger had been a festering wound for fifty years. A 50 year old grudge and they kept their old hot rods, just in case. They challenge each other to a final race on Woodward, Friday night, just like in 1965. All they have to do is restore the hot rods in one week and race the night before the wedding and the Dream Cruise. What could go wrong? Plenty.

"Dream Machines races into our hearts. There is so much to love about this delightful story. It doesn't get much better than drive-in restaurants, waitresses on roller skates, vanilla shakes, and drag races.

"At the heart is the theme of a family coming together as they let go of past grudges and learn what is truly important in life. The plot is fun, entertaining and cleverly crafted. There are genuine laughs, and the characters are colorful and come to life. We fall in love with all of them.

"We have no doubt that readers and audiences of all ages will smile as they enter the world of Dream Machines."

— Terri Zinner,

"Dream Machines brings together characters that come alive amidst of one of the world's greatest grassroots auto events, the Woodward Dream Cruise. A very special, funny read."

— Lou Kasman, auto industry consultant, Ann Arbor, MI

From Detroit, Michigan, Ron graduated Walter Engel School of Cinematography. After working at TV stations and large advertising agencies, he started his own agency in 1988. Ron has written, directed, and produced over a thousand TV commercials for auto dealerships.

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